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Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

thumbnailRecovery software will not help for mechanical or electrical hard drive failures. Only data recovery experts can retrieve back the information in mechanical or electrical hard drive failures. During hard drive failure it is strongly advicable to avoid furthure damaging data by install software on the damaged drive.

Since hard drives are mechanical devices, they will all eventually fail. Hard drive will fail due to normal wear and tear or due to manfacturing defects. Many hard drive manifactures provide Mean Time Between Failure statistical figure to characterise how reliable a hard drive is. Using a test of contantly running samples of drives for a short time and analyzing the wear and tear on physical components, extrapolated to provide a not so accurate by standard estimate of lifespan of a hard drive. Since this test fails to account for head crash, external trauma (dropping or collision), power surges, and air filter failures. Generally, hard drive tend to follow the concept of the bathtub curve where if there is a manifacturing failure, it will fail within a short time. General true of trumb for realiable hard drive selection is If the hard drive proves reliable for a period of a few months after installation, the hard drive has a significantly greater chance of remaining reliable. Even this subject to daily heavy use for several years, hard drive tend not to show notable signs of any wear unless inspected closely. Here are common symptoms of hard drive failure:

* Too often computer "freezes" (computer does not response to mouse or keyboard)

* Computer has regular booting problems which is a sign of bad sectors on the disk with corrupted booting data.

* Computer is terribly slow while accessing, saving and opening files.

* Hard drive sound is louder than before

* Often appearance of Blue Screen of Death such as "Operating System Not Found", "Missing Operating System" or "Hard Drive is Not Formatted" error messages at startup.

Above signs are symptoms of hard drive failure that is about to happen. This gives you plenty of warning to back up you data. Far more ominous signs or symptoms of hard drive failure are:

* While your system is still running normally, but you can hear unusual metallic sounds (grinding, clicking, whirring, scratching, buzzing). That's a very bad sign that may imply mechanical damage.

* Unable to hear any hard drive sounds at all. When the data is written to or read from a hard disk, it spins and produces sounds. A hard disc becomes silent due to overheating when inside components expand and get stuck.

* Click or grinding metallic sound and your system will not recongnize the hard drive. This is a sign that hard drive failure have happened.

If the above symptoms of hard drive failure occurs, you need to immediatly shut down the computer and contact a disk recovery service. If you keep your computer running the magnetic surface or platters may get damaged and all your files will be unrecoverable.

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