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Cell phone data recovery consists of data recovery from cell phone SIM card and external memory used inside the cell phone.

Sim card data recovery:

where accidentally deleted text messages (SMS) are recovered from mobile phone SIM. It restores lost messages in inbox, Outbox, send items, and drafts. Also recovers phone contact numbers saved.

Most commonly used SIM card data recovery software is 001 Micron Recovery - SIM card software from

Following are key features of SIM Card Data Recovery Software:

  1. Recover text messages, phone book contact numbers, last dialed numbers,fixed dialed numbers
  2. Retrieves basic information about SIM card such as International Mobile Service Identity (IMSI) and ICC identification number, service provider name, location and name of SIM manifacturer.
  3. Provides forensic tool for investigation

    Below shown is a screen shot of 001 Micron Recovery - SIM card Software:

Memory Card data recovery:

Memory card recovery software is easly used to recover deleted photos, music, text files, and videos in cell phone memory cards deleted due to accidential deletion, virus and hardware and software malfunctions. Format supported for mobile phones are primarily miniSD cards and microSD cards.

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